Piece by Piece by Atelier Ted Noten

Atelier Ted Noten + CURRENT OBSESSION have created a clear bar of soap titled S.O.A.P.P. (Shredded Obsession Addictive Pleasure Piece), which bears inside beautiful shreds of the #1 issue of the CURRENT OBSESSION Magazine.
During a performance at Fashion Biannual in Arnhem we have shredded remaining copies of the #1 issue page by page with a golden shredder and casted first soap bars in front of the public.
S.O.A.P.P. is a clear bar of soap on a rope, which makes it wearable. Please, indulge yourself with this exclusive cleansing jewel.
We hope our ideas rub off on you!
Atelier Ted Noten ( concept by Marcel van Kan) + CURRENT OBSESSION

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